Album art: Hearing in color

Album Art for THE COMET IS COMING, at Impulse Records / Universal Music Group.

Album Art for THE COMET IS COMING, at Impulse Records / Universal Music Group.


translatiNG sound to visuals

Not only did I start collaging because I was inspired by vintage classic rock covers, but I also have sensory reactions to sounds, a condition that is called synesthesia. It means that I hear music in very specific colors and have bodily reactions to it. I use these impulses unique to every piece of music to translate song into collage. As a classically trained musician myself, I can’t think of any better way to spend my time than to make musically-based collage art. Plus, I just want to go to a lot of concerts, so this is my way of getting in with the bands.

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If we work together, I will use the unique visceral experience that I get from your specific sound to create a cover, while also collaborating with you to understand your vision . It will lead to a collage that is both a ‘synesthetic translation’ and a visual capture of your sonic vision.

My goal is for you to be able to focus on making music and receiving artwork that matches your expression. I believe that a potential listener, consciously or not, will be drawn to your music seeing artwork created in this way.

I offer both custom-made covers and cover licensing, as well as visual brand creation (for those interested in having a continuous visual identity over time).

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