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I collaborate with my unconscious to explore deep layers of being through collage. I artistically adventures into the infinity of my psyche, breaking the structures that externally limit my inner vastness. Through collaging, the subconscious mind finds new relationships by juxtaposing what does not usually go together. The infinite possibilities of the process suit my inner world, while liberating my experience from the boundaries of rationalism. My collages challenge reality by encouraging the dialogue between ego and what is unknown to it.

My collages encapsulate the past, present and future to defy the limits of what we perceive. I use retro material that I carefully select to hand-make collages, applying an instinctive, ‘automatic’ process of selecting and arranging. This traditional, analog approach, in conjunction with using vintage imagery, allows me to understand myself as but a construct of my past experiences. Grasping how a confined reality, agreed upon by a collective unconscious, has come to exist then leads to its artistic defiance. I challenge the result of our conditioning by setting my collages in the future. Like the unconscious, this dreamlike realm of time knows no barriers of what is possible, and therefore, frequently clashes with what we selectively perceive. I attempt to find a place where I can defy gravity and explore our planet and solar system. The visual outcome is connected to the core of our truly surreal existence. I create a more satisfying way of existing as a being of the present – a present in which I am quite capable of embracing my inner multiverse.

As the transient inner world gets collapsed into an integrated form, what emerges are dream-like realms. Those realms speak to a larger existence that embraces the expansive unconscious, and the full potential of our minds and bodies. The work encourages to express their limitless imaginations, while unabashedly tapping into our mystical, ever-changing energy.


Nat Girsberger is a Swiss visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Girsberger specializes in analog collaging, taking commissions in her Bedstuy studio for clients such as Universal Music Group. New York City exhibitions include the 2018 solo show ‘Close Your Eyes’ at the Storefront Project Gallery and her 2017 solo show ‘Transient Terrain’ at Ivy Brown Gallery. Her work has been reviewed in various medias across the globe, including Whitehot, Indiewire, Artreveal, The New York Times, Observer, Paper among various others.

education: Film and Visual Communication at New York University, Gallatin, Minor in producing at NYU Tisch — with honors.

languages: english.  german.  swiss german.  french.

programs:  avid.  indesign.  photoshop. lightroom. after effects. sketchup. flash. bridge.

Select Clients:

  • Universal Music Group

  • Rabbit Bandini by James Franco

  • Guster

  • Magilla Entertainment

  • Dr. Megan Poe MD for NYU

  • Damn Joan

  • Oliver Robins

  •  Keurig

  •  ELLE

  • Mothica

  •  Nikola Tamindzic

  •  Cooper Union

  • Mango

  •  New York Fashion Week

  •  Alvina Valenta

  •  Maty Noyes